What I’ll Be Wearing This Fall and Winter

Fall begins in about 2 months but magazines and fashion publications have already started publishing and posting photos on social media of fall and winter outfits. Especially now that basically every magazine has released the cover for their September issue. So, I’ve decided to talk about what I’ll be wearing this fall and winter.

I love fall and winter because of the way I can dress. In the winter, I can wear dressy casual outfits or dress formally. Things like chinos, blazers, coats, dress shirts, loafers, sweaters, scarves, and more. In the summer I can’t wear things like that. It’s just too hot for clothing like that. You could wear jeans, a v-neck t shirt, a blazer, and some loafers or shorts, a dress shirt, and some Lacoste slip on shoes but it’s still too hot in the summer for that.

In the summer, you have to wear shorts and many people wear flip flops even though their not swimming, at the beach, or at the pool simply because it’s hot.

This fall and winter I’ll be wearing all that. I’ll be wearing my guess peacoat, that black and white H&M sweater that I’ve been wearing for two years, my Clarks Prescott loafers, and my cashmere lined leather Coach gloves. I’ll also be wearing my jeans from American Eagle and my H&M “Easy-Iron” dress shirts.


I’ll be wearing jeans, a dress shirt, a v-neck sweater, a peacoat, a black leather belt, black loafers, and gloves. I’ll also be wearing a v-neck t shirt, jeans, and some sneakers with my vintage Louis Vuitton Alma, which is one of my favorite outfits for fall. I could also wear white jeans, a light blue dress shirt, a navy v-neck sweater, a black leather belt, and black loafers for fall.

I also like to carry my black Coach Nolita Wristlet for an evening out. I, however, mostly carry my vintage Louis Vuitton Alma because I can carry more of my things in it.

Regardless, I’ll be wearing what I’m always wearing this fall and winter. Jeans, dress shirts, chinos, coats, loafers, blazers, sweaters, and more. Dressy casual outfits for a weekend shopping or an evening out. Outfits that I have been wearing for quite a while.

So, what do you think? What will you be wearing this fall and winter? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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