What I Don’t Like About Street Style Bloggers

There has been quite a bit of discussion about street style bloggers since Vogue editors cristicized them and the bloggers responded. Some editors at Vogue criticized them for the way they do business in fashion and let everyone know how much the don’t like them. While the argument about their business practices isn’t actually justified, as it’s just about the same way editors do business, I also don’t like street style bloggers. I, however, don’t like them because of the way they portray themselves.

Often seen in fashion’s most important cities or on vacation somewhere, street style bloggers take photos of themselves in outfits they put together. They then write about the clothes, the location, and what inspired them to wear that specific outfit.

Chiara Ferragni, Bryanboy, Susie Bubble, Rumi Neely, Kristina Bazan, and more were among some of the first people to make popular the business of street style blogging. They did that by getting millions of readers on their websites and many followers on social media.

Then brands noticed and began paying them to take photos with their products. Bloggers started getting invited to fashion shows from some of the biggest brands and some even having their expenses paid for. Some bloggers, for example, Ferragni, make over $8 million a year doing this.


They were smart enough to take something people might do as a hobby in their spare time and made it a business. They were also smart enough to manage the business and even build more businesses like Ferragni’s eponymous label.

So, why, if they are smart enough to do all that, do most street style bloggers portray themselves as idiots? Okay, they might not purposely be making themselves look like idiots but they’re pretty close.

Many street style bloggers do silly poses in most of their pictures. Then, they do things like dress like they are much younger than they actually are. Ferragni is the one who dresses that way the most, wearing very shiny and glittery accessories and ridiculous double buns in her hair. Neely seems to be the one who does the most ridiculous poses.

Most street style bloggers aren’t actually bloggers either. Most of them don’t write anything and when they do, it’s usually badly written. Now, I’m no grammar or punctuation expert and some writing mistakes do make it into published articles but at least I revise and edit. They don’t even seem to do spell check.

What’s more, street style bloggers represent gross and elaborate spending on designer products. It’s all about shopping and being “in”. None of them ever actually talk about the products or brands they take photos with and share their knowledge about them other than how much it costs. That may also be why they don’t get much respect from fashion editors.

Fashion editors have spent much of their education and careers learning and writing about products, brands, and fashion as a business. They know a lot more about and better represent the industry than any street style blogger. So, it’s understandable when editors decide to criticize them.

Fashion editors are also, in my opinion, much more stylish than street style bloggers.  Bloggers seem to just put on as many products as possible to get it into a photo or show it off at fashion week. Some editors may get paid to wear or gifted the outfits they have one during fashion week but they are better styled.

That’s what I don’t like street style bloggers. They may be smart enough to make a business out of what they do but they make themselves look like idiots. They don’t actually blog, they don’t seem to know anything about the industry or brands they represent, and they have no style.

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