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Welcome to Haute Écriture, the high fashion of writing. What that means is that the content you’ll see here won’t be cheap, badly written articles with little effort put into them. Content is put together carefully with you in mind. Speaking of content, what kind of articles will will you be reading here anyway?

Haute Écriture covers a wide spectrum of the fashion industry beyond personal style blogging. When fashion week rolls around, Haute Écriture will be reviewing and updating you on major shows and taking good looks into what’s behind the design of the best collections. Did something exciting happen in the industry? Check Haute Écriture and you’ll get a good chunk of information so you’ll never be left out of the loop. All of that and more will be here for you to read.

Additionally, well written content won’t be the best part about Haute Écriture. The best part will be how much you’ll enjoy reading it. Fashion itself is great and the industry greater, but what’s the point if no one is enjoying it?

That being said, there is much work to do when providing people with meaningful and valuable content. If you want to stay informed during fashion week, read in-depth reviews about your favorite products and brands, and learn about the designers that make the industry work, you’ll read Haute Écriture.

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