Watch This Pomeranian Dance While Getting Its Hair Cut

A black Pomeranian was all over the internet after a video of the dog dancing while getting its hair cut was uploaded on Reddit.

A video of the Pomeranian was uploaded on Reddit, however, the video had no sound. People began guessing what song the dog was dancing to. A video (below) was then uploaded on YouTube with sound and song playing that the dog seemed to be dancing to.

Many people, of course, commented about how cute the dog is.

The dog, however, was actually dancing to the clips of the scissors. One commenter who said she is a groomer said, “the sound of the scissors seem to do this! Us groomers always get a kick out of it.” Regardless, its still pretty cute.


The video was taken at a dog grooming salon in Seoul, South Korea. The groomer said she was filming a video for the owner of the dog while she was grooming it.

The original video has over 1,700 comments on it with it being uploaded on YouTube and Instagram by many other people. Others even made videos with other songs in them. Other videos also have quite a few comments on them with social media posts having quite a few comments and likes on them as well.

As with most videos like this, I’m sure this video will be uploaded on Instagram a lot more. There will also be a lot more videos with different songs and the video will probably be made into a gif, which it probably already has.

It has not been said what dog grooming salon in Seoul this video was filmed at or who the groomer is. The original video was probably also uploaded by the owner of the dog, Videos that get popular like this are usually good for businesses and it’s surprising that the groomer wasn’t interviewed or that the video hasn’t been in the news.

Publications like PopSugar, Bustle, Glamour, and more usually all publish articles about videos like this. Especially when they become as popular as this video. It did just barely become popular, though. The original video was also just uploaded 10 days ago.

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