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Most handbags come in standard leather or come in faux leather but luxury handbags come in a variety of leather. For example, Hermès bags come in leather like crocodile, ostrich, patent, pebbled, and so on. A company called Portero Luxury that sells used luxury handbags has videos about the different leather you’ll find from luxury handbag makers and I’ve pasted them below. I’m also going to talk about my favorite products from their website.

This first video with Elizabeth Bernstein is about the various leather from Hermès and how to care for them.

What I like is how she doesn’t just list off what kind of leather Hermès makes, she talks about the details of the different leather. Also, I like the crocodile leather and box calf the most. They are the most beautiful out of all the Hermès leather.

The next video another leather guide but it’s about Chanel whose leather is very different from Hermès.

This video features the Caviar leather that was on the Chanel card holder that I wrote about last week. The Caviar leather is shown here on a handbag and It’s absolutely beautiful but I would rather have it on a small accessory from Chanel.

The Chanel leather guide was posted recently so I hope Portero posts a new leather guide soon from Louis Vuitton as that’s the last brand from the major three luxury handbag makers. Since there isn’t a video about Louis Vuitton, I’ll show you one of my favorite bags from them on Portero.

Here are some photos of a bag I talked about in Top 6 Luxury Handbags on my Wishlist.



This is the Louis Vuitton Christian Louboutin Shopping Bag. Though I usually go for solid color bags, I love the color combinations of this bag. You can see more pictures of the bag here on Portero.

Portero has many more videos like Hermès Birkin and Kelly comparisons, handbag size comparisons, and more. If you are looking for luxury handbags then you should go here. They have a variety of brands to choose from and I’ve been able to find all of my favorite handbags on this website.

So, what leather from the Hermès and Chanel leather guide is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” on the menu to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and to find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Shanpchat.

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