Wal-Mart is Selling Hermès Birkins

Wal-Mart is selling Hermès Birkins, or at least the Birkins are being sold through Wal-Mart. The retailer has some of the bags listed online from $9,330 to $15,954.

There are 6 bags listed in total, including a Bleu Jean Birkin 35 in Veau Swift leather with palladium hardware,  a black Birkin 35 in Ardennes leather with gold hardware, an orange Birkin 35 with gold hardware, a white Birkin 35 in Taurillon leather with palladium hardware, a brown Birkin 35 in Courchevel leather with gold hardware, and a brown Birkin 40 Ardennes leather with gold hardware.

The orange Birkin has simply been listed as “Birkin 35”. There aren’t any other details about the bag in the description on the product page. The white Birkin was also listed as “White Taurillon Birkin 35”. There are no specific details about what leather the bag comes in.

The bags cost from $9,300 to $15,954. They are also used. The Bleu Jean Birkin seems to be the only bag that has information about when it was made, having been made about 10 years ago.


The bags aren’t being sold directly by Wal-Mart. They are being sold through Wal-Mart by seller “theBagriculture”. Regardless, Walmart.com is not exactly where you’d expect to see a Birkin or any other Hermès products. The retailer did recently begin selling luxury products, though. There are quite a few fragrances from the brand available online.

Birkins have been sold by retailers who would not usually sell the bags. Last year in July, Saks Off 5th was selling Birkins. The retailer had about 6 vintage Birkins and some vintage Kellys available. The bags quickly sold out but they were available again a couple of weeks later in August. Neiman Marcus Last Call also sold some Birkins last year in December. There were 8 Birkins and 1 Kelly available.

There is only 1 of each bag available as they are all listed as “only 1 left” where there was more than one Birkin and Kelly sold by Saks Off 5th.

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