Vogue is Starting to Get Pretty Boring

Vogue is supposed to be fun and fashion forward but lately it’s been pretty boring as far as its online content goes. The magazine is fine and I still enjoy reading it, but their YouTube channel and Vogue.com need some work as well as its social media accounts.

I started watching Vogue’s YouTube videos during fashion week last year in September. Vogue would upload new videos everyday of interviews with creative directors of brands that just showed their collections. They also uploaded a couple of fun videos being uploaded like this one with Karlie Kloss packing for fashion week. Then fashion week ended and Vogue’s YouTube channel stopped uploading as frequently.

Vogue began uploading videos two weeks, sometimes three weeks, apart instead of everyday or every other day. I know that every other day is kind of a lot and would be difficult for them to manage but they could at least upload a new video every week.  It got quite irritating waiting for a new video, especially during the holidays, and it made their YouTube channel become irrelevant.

Speaking of the holidays, Vogue only had about two holiday videos. They gave us “Holiday Entertaining with Karen Elson”, which was an okay video, but then they gave us this. Seriously, that’s was they gave us.


Also, If you’ve read my articles you know that almost every “Around the Web” or “The Best of Haute Écriture” article has a Charles Gross video in the “Videos” section of the post. As I explained in the last “Around the Web”, I’d love to include a video from Vogue but the only interesting videos in fashion are coming from Charles Gross.

Aside from that, Vogue.com has gotten boring as well. Where there were a couple of interesting articles before are now too many articles that try to talk about everything. I’m guessing it’s because they added some new categories to its website recently but that shouldn’t mean you have to post pages of articles a day. They are putting way too many articles out at once and it makes trying to see what they wrote the previous day difficult. It’s like they decided not to put anything on its YouTube channel and put everything on its website.

It is fashion week now, though, so Vogue’s YouTube channel is finally getting some interesting videos but once fashion week is over, expect the channel to get boring again and to start seeing videos being uploaded once every two weeks. The magazine may still be great but Vogue needs to work on its YouTube channel and its website.

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