Versace Gives New Details About the Spring 2018 Tribute Collection

Donatella Versace has given new details about the Spring/Summer 2018 collection she did in tribute to her brother Gianni.

According to an article on Fashionista, Donatella Versace has given new details about the Spring/Summer 2018 collection she did in tribute to her brother Gianni. The online fashion publication interviewed her at a VIP personal styling suite at Saks Fifth Avenue where she talked about why she used the vintage designs and where she got her inspiration from.

Donatella Versace is usually reluctant to talk about Gianni or give any details about him and his work or how she feels about it besides what we already know, however, after 20 years she decided she needed to celebrate his work. Donatella explained, “it was very hard to go back and see the archive. I wasn’t able to do it for a long time because of the emotions involved, but I finally found the courage. To see all the things Gianni did was incredible.”

The designs Donatella used were prints and pieces from the 90s, which is when Gianni debuted some of his most well received and well known collections.


Donatella continued to say, “only Gianni did those kinds of prints, and I thought they were relevant to today because a lot of young people were asking for vintage prints.” She used looks from his iconic collections like Vogue, Baroque, Tresor de la Mer, and more. She also had her design team remake the 90s shapes to better fit today’s consumer.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection included pieces like square shouldered jackets, logo t shirts, fanny packs, and more. She changed the colors but just a little to make the pieces more sophisticated.

Donatella knows the industry has moved towards a more casual aesthetic. When Gianni was creative director of the brand, it was about glamour and sex. Now, Donatella is working with streetwear, which is why collections like the Fall/Winter 18/19 show featured sneakers.

Being the creative director of Versace hasn’t always been easy, though. Donatella explained, “he brought a lot of courage and he broke a lot of rules. What he was doing, no one else was doing at the time. That’s why he became Gianni Versace, and young people today like to hear our brand’s story — it’s a story of love and of suffering, and we do something different than everybody else.”

For the launch of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection in stores, Donatella decided to bring it to New York and Saks Fifth Avenue. Donatella said, “for me, New York is Saks. It’s an iconic store for an iconic brand.”

The Versace Spring/Summer 2018 collection is available online and in stores now at Saks Fifth Avenue and Versace.

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