Topshop Drops Its “Unique” Runway Collection

Topshop has announced that it will drop its “Unique” runway collection and show more affordable clothing instead.

According to an article on Fashionista, Topshop has announced that it will, drop its “Unique” runway collection. The brand will now show more affordable clothing on the runway instead.

The brand previously showed a special collection called “Topshop Unique” every season during London Fashion Week. The collection retailed at prices of a contemporary brand, like Coach, Alexander Wang, and more, and was sold at places like Net-A-Porter. The brand would also show other collections that retailed at cheaper prices but the “Unique” collection was the most important.

The September 2017 collection, however, “is more an extension of our mainline fashion offering”. Since the new collection is more like the brand’s main products, it doesn’t need to be called “Unique”.


That, however, is good news for customer who don’t want to pay contemporary prices. The brand has also said that “price points have been revised to offer a more democratic price structure allowing our global customers to buy into aspirational product at an accessible price point.” Products from the collection will retail from $65 to $650.

Last year, the brand announced that part of its runway collection would be see now, buy now. The brand offered select pieces from the “September 2016 collection” for sale immediately after the runway show on September 18th.

The September 2017 collection is also see now, buy now and some items are available now both online and in stores. There are also still items from the brand’s previous “Unique” collections available online as well.

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