Top 6 Places I Would Love to Travel To

My husband and I do a lot of traveling, but I’ve never left the country. We usually go somewhere that’s about 2 hours away and the furthest we’ve been together is Los Angeles. Still, there are places in the United States we plan to visit and places in different countries we would like to travel to. Today I’m going to list those places and why I’d love to visit them and I’m going to start with places in the United States.

1. New York

I’d love to visit New York City simply because it’s New York. I want to see the tall buildings, get some authentic local food, go see the Statue of Liberty, and all that touristy stuff. I also want to go there to see what east coast beaches are like. When my husband and I go to Los Angeles, we always visit the beach. I would love to see how east coast beaches compare to west coast beaches.

2. Miami

Speaking of east coast beaches, I’d love to go to Miami. The buildings here are interesting to, but for a different reason. Miami infrastructure is illuminated with neon lights at night. I’ve only seen pictures but it looks beautiful. The beaches here would be interesting to compare to the beaches in Los Angeles.

3. Hawaii

This is the most popular vacation spot in the U.S. so I’d love to go see why everyone loves it so much. It’s definitely a lot bigger than Catalina Island off the coast of California and I heard that Catalina was similar to Hawaii so I’m sure I’d enjoy it. Not to mention, the most popular thing to do in Hawaii is to go to the beach.


4. Mexico

This is the first place I’d like to visit outside of the United States. I’d like to visit the city of Tehuacan because that’s where my husband was born. He hasn’t been there since he came to the U.S. 16 years ago and I want to go there so we can see his family. Plus, I want to eat a lot of the food he has been telling me about. It would be nice to see what foods come from that city specifically.

5. Italy

I would love to visit Italy. I want to try some authentic Italian food. The “Italian” food we usually eat here in the U.S. isn’t authentic. The pizza we have here isn’t anything close to Italian pizza, Italians don’t even use meatballs with their spaghetti, and I would love to try some Italian dishes that aren’t as popular in the United States.

6. France

I’d love to visit France for one reason; fashion. If I visited Paris, I’d go during fashion week regardless of whether I went to any shows or not. I’d go simply to see the designers walk in and out or maybe catch a glimpse of Anna Wintour. I’d also make stops at some original boutiques if I could.

Those are the places I’d love to travel to but I’m sure there will be more. What places would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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