This is Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Seasonal Bags

Brands releases new handbags every season or at least new colors and designs for already released silhouettes. They are new and usually trendy, which is why a lot of people buy them. You shouldn’t, however, buy or invest in seasonal bags if you want to resell them.

Seasonal bags are usually silhouettes that brands have been selling for quite a while but in a new color, fabric, or style. Some brands releases new silhouettes in a collection where most continue selling that silhouette and other brands only sell it for that season. These bags, however, aren’t a good investment. They don’t hold their value.

Seasonal bags don’t hold their value. They resell for much less than what a classic handbag like a Chanel Wallet on Chain or Flap Bag would. Unless it’s an Hermès Birkin or Kelly, it probably won’t resell for as much as you bought it for. Classic Birkins and Kellys can actually resell for more that what you bought it for. So, it’s not much of a surprise that seasonal Birkins and Kellys would resell for the same or more than what you paid for it. They would actually be rare handbags.

Also, Chanel has good resell value anyway. Some brands, whether the bag is classic or not, don’t have good resell value. Louis Vuitton bags don’t have good resell value. Classic bags like the Alma or Neverfull don’t resell for as much as you bought it for. Especially if the vachetta leather is tanned, stained, or scratched. That’s why you can get a vintage Louis Vuitton bag for cheap on websites like eBay. Seasonal Louis Vuitton bags either resell for the same as a vintage bag or they don’t sell for a while.


These bags usually don’t resell for much simply because most of them are trendy. When something new is released, the value of anything in that trend decreases. Basically, it’s not cool anymore and no one want to be carrying around a bag that came out last year that no one is carrying anymore.

This is why most luxury retailers like Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Barneys, and more have sales where you can get from 75% to 80% off luxury bags, small leather goods, accessories, and clothes. All of the items in those sales are seasonal items. Retailers usually don’t sell classic Chanel bags or even classic bags from brands like Saint Laurent and Givenchy in those sales.

Don’t invest in a seasonal bag. They don’t hold their value. Unless it’s an Hermès Birkin or Kelly, it probably won’t resell for as much as you bought it for. These bags are usually trendy and when something new is released the value of anything in that trend decreases and it’s just not cool anymore.

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