This is Why Grace Coddington is my Favorite Person at Vogue

Grace Coddington is the Creative Director of Vogue and plays a huge part in what goes into the magazine. She is my favorite person at Vogue but why? While I’ve never met her personally, I’ve seen her speak about the many things that go into making Vogue in a series of interviews. She can also be quite fun to watch in many videos on YouTube, like the one below. It’s a perfect example of how fun she can be.

This video is fun for obvious reasons but it really shows the fun side of Grace. Only she would have a bunch of kittens running around her office. I’m also a little surprised that Anna Wintour let her do that but then again, I don’t think she is as mean as people make her out to be.

Grace also has a certain appreciation for things. She describes herself as a romantic and I can see what she means by that. That appreciation makes for moments like this, when Grace ends up getting photos that turn out to be famous. Her fun attitude is what made that photo happen and she even jokes around while she’s explains how the photo happened.



Then there are videos like this that just show how nice she can be to people. Many outfits get thrown out by Anna Wintour as she selects what she wants for a photo shoot and Grace offers some advice to her friend as he leaves the room angry. That is far from what people think about people who work in fashion.

Lastly, we have another cute video like the one above that just shows how fun Grace can be.

This video was so fun to watch and just not because of the puppy but because of the way Grace receives the puppy. Of course she wasn’t going to be mean but she is just so happy when she she’s what it is.

It’s video like that and more that make Grace seem like the nicest person at Vogue. She does very well as the Creative Director of Vogue which is why she gets the famous photos, helps her friends, and makes all of those cute videos. She has a fun, light-hearted attitude and that is what makes her my favorite person at Vogue.

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