This Chanel Card Holder is Absolutely Beautiful

I was watching a Chanel collection video on YouTube from a channel called jerushacouture. Right before she started talking about her handbags, she pulled out this beautiful Chanel Flap card holder in black, quilted caviar leather. I stopped paying attention to what she was saying and immediately began to search for it all over the internet because that card holder looked much to amazing to pass up.


I already liked the way Chanel’s quilted leather looked on it’s bags and was already interested in the caviar leather, but I wasn’t interested enough to actually want it. Handbags like the Chanel Boy Bag or a Wallet On Chain are beautiful but I would never carry one because they just don’t fit my aesthetic; especially the chains on the bags.


This card case has me interested in buying one in the future because it really shows off the beauty of the leather. It’s not that shiny like patent leather but it’s not totally matte either. I love the look so much that I began to look at other Chanel wallets and accessories too. Wallets like the regular Boy Chanel, which is smaller than a Wallet on Chain, are perfect examples. They look good because quilted leather looks better in small quantities as leather that has special patterns usually looks better on small accessories anyway.

One thing I didn’t like, though, is how it’s too small to be a regular wallet but to big to be a card holder I’d put in my pocket. The reason being that I’d like to have a small card holder with my most frequent used cards in my pocket and a larger wallet with my less often used cards in my handbag.

Luckily, Chanel makes a beautiful quilted leather card case in lambskin. It’s perfect for what I want and would add much more use to my handbag as I don’t carry much in it. That will have to wait though because these items are way out of my budget. I want to buy them in the future when I can to afford it.

Regardless, Chanel’s wallets are amazing and it’s leathers are absolutely beautiful. The card case in the video does a great job at showing that.

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