These Are The Best Bags Lady Gaga Has Been Wearing Lately

PurseBlog publishes an article every week about what bags celebrities are wearing but every once in a while it specifically talks about one celebrity. The publication has listed the bags Lady Gaga has been wearing lately with photos, prices, and link to wear you can get one and I have listed my favorites.

Lady Gaga is known for her loud and ostentatious style, often wearing designer clothing debuted on the runway that most wouldn’t actually wear unless they were on the red carpet.

Her handbags are, however, a little more classic and “conventional”, as PurseBlog said. The publication also described her bags as “tailored” and “subtle”.

Lately she’s been wearing mostly structured and black handbags that give her loud outfits an expensive and luxurious look. Some bags she’s worn more than once where she usually never wears the same outfit more than once. Handbags, however, can give an outfit quite a different look.


Here are the best bags Lady Gaga has been wearing lately.

Alaïa Mini Studded Tote

This bag is very loud and ostentatious. It’s very flashy. The outfit she is wearing is loud, ostentatious, and flashy as well. The bag does, however, compliment her outfit and work well with her jewelry. If the outfit didn’t have all that fabric and the bag didn’t have all that hardware it would be pretty elegant. It works well as an art piece, though.

Delvaux Brilliant Bag

The Delvaux Brilliant Bag is classic and minimalistic. It’s not loud and ostentatious. Her outfit is very elegant, even with the pattern it has on it. It looks like something a more classic person in Beverly Hills would wear or someone in the upper west side of New York would wear.

Kiss-Lock Clutch

This bag is very classic and elegant. It’s not loud. PurseBlog doesn’t even know who made it, A clutch with a kiss-lock is one of the most classic clutches. This would work well with a black evening dress.

Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag

This bag is about as difficult to get as an Hermès Birkin. The bag is only well known among fashion people and the brand is very selective about which celebrities get to carry the bag. The brand usually chooses celebrities who are more involved in fashion rather than celebrities who are just famous.

Kelly Style Bag

This bag is classic and minimalistic. PurseBlog doesn’t know who made this bag either. This is a Kelly style bag in black lizard skin. I usually don’t like exotic leather but Kelly style bags look good.

Mark Cross Grace Box Bag

The Mark Cross Grace Box Bag is classic and elegant. It’s a good small clutch and would work well with a black evening dress or even a day dress.

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