These Are All the Fur Free Luxury Brands, Retailers, and Magazines

Online fashion news publication Fashionista has published a list of all the luxury brands, retailers, and magazines that have gone fur free.

Many brands have recently announced that they are going fur free including brands like Gucci, Donna Karen New York, and more. Versace is the latest luxury brand to announce that it’s going fur free.

In an interview with The Economist 1843 Style Editor Luke Leitch, Donatella Versace said she would no longer use fur in any of her designs. She then said, “fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

There have even been entire cities and countries that have gone fur free and banned the sale of fur with San Fransisco being the latest to do so when it announced that it has banned the sale of fur beginning in 2019.


Here are all the luxury brands, retailers, and magazines that have gone fur free.

Luxury Brands

Versace, fur-free beginning from the 2019 collections

John Galliano, fur-free beginning from the 2019 collections

Furla, fur-free beginning from the Cruise 2019 collection

Donna Karan and DKNY, fur-free beginning from the Fall 2019 collections

Michael Kors, fur-free by December 2018 (along with Jimmy Choo, which Michael Kors acquired in July 2017)

Gucci, fur-free since the Spring 2018 collection

The Kooples, fur-free since September 2016

Giorgio Armani, fur-free since March 2016

Hugo Boss, fur-free since July 2015

Lacoste, angora-free since December 2014

Vivienne Westwood, fur-free since October 2007

Ralph Lauren, fur-free since April 2007

Tommy Hilfiger, fur-free since March 2007

J.Crew, fur-free since January 2005

Calvin Klein, fur-free since February 1994; angora-free since December 2013

Stella McCartney, always fur-free

Kate Spade New York, always fur-free

Alexachung, always fur-free

Honorable mention: Tom Ford, who has “limited” fur in recent collections (and whose Fall 2018 collections included no fur at all)


Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, fur-free since June 2017

Selfridges, fur-free since 2004


InStyle, fur-free since Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown started in August 2016

Honorable mention: Vogue Paris, which dedicated its August 2017 issue to animal protection for which it only featured faux fur


San Francisco, fur sales banned beginning January 2019

West Hollywood, fur sales banned in September 2013

United Kingdom, fur farming banned in 2000

Austria, fur farming banned in 2004

Netherlands, fur farming ban passed in 2012

Croatia, fur farming ban passed in 2007

Czech Republic, fur farming ban passed in 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina, fur farming ban passed in 2017

Republic of Macedonia, fur farming ban passed in 2017

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