There is a Problem With Next Year’s Met Gala

Earlier this year it was reported that Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue, had banned photos from being taken inside at the Met Gala. The only problem with that was that the celebrities who attended the event did not listen. Consequently, there was a rumor that Anna was going to ban celebrities from the event. Now it seems like that will pose a problem for next year’s event.


Last month, Vogue reported that the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced next year’s theme for the Met Gala which is “Fashion in an Age of Technology.” How can you host an event that is celebrating technology but ban it at the same time? You can’t. Anna is going to have to allow those kinds of things inside the event as social media is a big part of fashion and technology.

For example, you can see any runway show from the four major fashion weeks on YouTube. Brands are connecting with customers and fans on Facebook and Instagram as well as the models themselves. People who aren’t even in the runway shows can make a living from partnerships with brands just because of the amount of followers they have on Instagram.

There is no way that the Met Gala that celebrates fashion and technology can have a selfie and social media ban. That is just ridiculous and it just won’t work. Anna Wintour herself said that fashion is about moving forward and upholding that ban will not let her do that.

Furthermore, sharing events like this on social media help bring people who are not able to go to exclusive events like this closer to fashion. I don’t know what Anna’s intentions were when she banned photos and social media from inside the Met Gala, but it seems like they try hard to keep the event private. Anna should learn from what Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director of Givenchy, did this year when he opened his fashion show to the public during New York Fashion Week. She can even learn from the Balmain x H&M collaboration. Both of those things were about bringing the public closer to fashion and luxury.

Regardless of whether Anna moves forward with fashion or not, it will be interesting to see what she does with the ban she put on this year’s Met Gala. If she upholds it, though, she won’t be following the theme very well and will be behind where fashion is going. Social media has played a huge role in fashion so to keep it out would be ridiculous.

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