There Is a Debate Among Designers About Dressing Melania Trump

Quite a few designers have dressed Michelle Obama including Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and most recently Donatella Versace. The First Lady also wore outfits from other brands who were happy to have their clothes worn by her. Melania Trump will soon be the new First Lady of the United States but unlike Obama, designers can’t seem to agree on whether to dress her or not.

According to an article on Fashionista, some designers have said they refuse to dress her while others say they’d be more than happy to. Notable designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg, Mark Jacobs, and Tom Ford have all voiced their opinions as well as a few others.

About a week after Sophia Theallet published an open letter saying she would not dress Trump, Tommy Hilfiger responded saying,

I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and I think any designer should be proud to dress her. Ivanka is equally as beautiful and smart, although she wears her own clothes. I don’t think people should become political about it. Everyone was very happy to dress Michelle [Obama] as well. I think they look great in the clothes. You’re not gonna get much more beautiful than Ivanka or Melania.


Diane von Furstenberg is also in favor of dressing Trump who says she “deserves the respect of any first lady before her. Thom Browne, Carolina Herrera, and Marcus Wainwright are all among the designers who agree with dressing Trump.

Marc Jacobs, who says he didn’t see Theallet’s letter, responded to the news saying, “I have no interest whatsoever in dressing Melania Trump. I didn’t see [Sophie Theallet’s] letter. Personally, I’d rather put my energy into helping out those who will be hurt by [Donald] Trump and his supporters.”

Other designers, including Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, and Humberto Leon, don’t want to dress her for political reasons. Tom Ford, however, says he won’t dress Trump because his clothes are too expensive, saying,

I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined. She’s not necessarily my image. And also the First Lady, other than the fact that I’m a democrat and voted for Hillary and I’m very sad and disappointed that she’s not in office. But other than that, even had Hillary won, she shouldn’t be wearing my clothes. They’re too expensive. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. They’re not artificially expensive. It’s how much it costs to make these things.

Cythina Rowley, Vera Wang, and Joseph Altuzarra have voiced their opinions as well but they didn’t specifically say whether they’d be dressing Trump or not.

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