The Zara Shoes I Got on Sale and Returned the Next Day

A couple of months ago I got a pair of shoes from Zara but returned them the next day because they were too small. I recently got another pair but I had to return them as well but this time they were too big.

Earlier this month I ordered a pair of shoes from Zara The. shoes I got were a pair of brown leather bluchers that usually cost $99 but they were on sale for $59. Also, these shoes were made of leather rather than faux leather like the shoes I purchased before.

I’ve been wanting a pair of brown leather shoes for a while now. Specifically, a pair of brown leather bluchers to go with my dressy casual outfits. These shoes were perfect for that. The only thing is that the shoes were too big.

As I said, a couple of months ago I bought a pair of shoes from Zara but I returned them the next day. Those shoes were also a pair of brown bluchers but they were made of faux leather. When I first got them, I ordered a size 7 but they were too big so I exchanged them for a size 6.


The size 6 shoes fit pretty well but the faux leather was hard. I thought the shoes would soften up after I wore them but they didn’t. After about 30 minutes the shoes started hurting and the faux leather was chafing on my ankle. The shoes started chafing because I was wearing them with no socks which is something you’d usually do with loafers. Regardless, I returned them and was able to get a refund.

As for the shoes that I just bought, I didn’t even get to wear them. As soon as I got them and tried them on they were too big. On the size chart indicated that these shoes were the same size as the faux leather shoes. I thought I could get a size 6 and they’d fit but they didn’t.

I ordered a size 6 like I did with the faux leather shoes and they were still too big. They were basically the same size as a size 8 at a different store.

Size 6 is the smallest size in men’s shoes that Zara carries so I couldn’t exchange them. The shoes didn’t chafe into my ankles like the faux leather shoes. The leather was also pretty soft and was of good quality. Regardless, they were too big so I returned them.

Also, the leather bluchers aren’t available anymore but these shoes are pretty similar.

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