The Saint Laurent Heart Coat is Stupid

There seems to be a bit of a discussion going on about a fur coat shaped like a heart made by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent. Models, celebrities, street style bloggers, and more have since been seen wearing it and fashion publications like Fashionista and Vogue have praised the look. This coat, however, looks stupid in my opinion and here’s why.

The coat, simply called the Heart Coat, is made of fox fur and retails for $15,500. The coat made its debut ealier this year for the Saint Laurent Haute Couture 2016 collection. It was part of a two part collection that began in Los Angeles. The second part was meant to be Slimane’s “love letter” to Paris and the Heart Coat was perfect for that.

Attendees followed a no phones rule at the show so the coat didn’t get much press. The coat, however, became quite popular after Cara Delevingne was seen wearing it on the cover of W Magazine.

After the coat was on the magazine, Rihanna was seen wearing the coat to a friends birthday party in New York. Then street style blogger Erica Pelosini was seen wearing the coat during Milan Fashion Week.


Vogue Editor Anna Dello Russo also wore the coat during fashion week. She wore it to the Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2017 show in Paris making a heart symbol with her hands.

Afterwards, Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself wearing the coat on Instagram writing, “low key look”.

This coat has become very popular since its debut but I don’t know why. The coat is stupid. It’s not just stupid for how it looks, and it does look stupid, but for why it was made as well as its price.

First, why would anyone besides a celebrity or street style blogger wear this? No one would actually wear a coat like this out. It’s too loud and just wouldn’t work for anything like an evening dinner or a date. It wouldn’t even work well for a casual weekend out shopping.

The coat would, however, work great for taking pictures at fashion week or attending a red carpet event. Of which, only celebrities or street style bloggers would do. It seems this coat was made just for them. For people who want to be flashy and flaunt their wealth.

What’s more, this coat costs $15,500. I know this is both Saint Laurent and Haute Couture, but that’s still pretty ridiculous given the coat is seasonal and trendy. It will most likely only be popular for a while and then be replaced by a new trend or “it” item.

The Heart Coat does well as an art piece, though. Many pieces, if not all, in luxury fashion can be considered art. That, however, depends on why it was made.

If a piece was made to get popular and sell, it’s not art. If it was made because someone was inspired by something and made a product that can be beautiful on its own, it is art. Even more so if it was made with the best quality materials and the best skilled people a brand can provide.

For example, a handbag by Michael Kors can’t be considered an art piece as the only reason the brand even made the bag is to sell and be popular. Michael Kors is a brand that copies others to sell products by providing luxury designs for less money.

A classic handbag by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Hermès can be considered an art piece. They represents a rich history and heritage of quality materials, labor, and craftsmanship.

The Heart Coat could be a great example of a brand making an art price but it’s not It’s stupid. because it was made to sell, be popular, and for people to wear it like a classic coat. At least, that’s the way it’s seems.

People are using the coat like it’s to be worn by anyone anywhere, walking around Paris in it like it’s a casual thing. It’s not. It’s loud, ridiculous, and pretty much only something a street style blogger would wear.

People should instead wear it like an art piece and stop using it like it’s a classic, everyday coat. This is not a coat to be casually worn anywhere, to worn to flaunt your wealth, or to look cool and people shouldn’t wear it like it is.

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