The Only Three Pairs of Jeans You Need in Your Wardrobe

Jeans are the most popular kind of pants in the United States. Everyone wears them. Everyone also spends money on a couple of new pairs every year. That, however, isn’t necessary; at least for men. Men only need three pairs of jeans in three different fits in their wardrobe and they can last for years. That is, assuming you’re wearing dressy casual outfits, which you should be.

Slim Fit Jeans

These are probably the most important jeans you need in your wardrobe. Slim fit jeans are slim around the thighs and slim around the calves. They’re not skinny jeans, they are just a little slimmer than regular or straight fit jeans.

The slim silhouette compliments your body and works well with the dressy look of leather shoes. These shoes could be loafers, bluchers, or desert boots, however, loafers look best. The slimness of the leg works well with the slim silhouette that loafers usually have.

These are also the best jeans to wear dress shirts with. Again, the slim silhouette that most dress shirts have works well with these jeans. A pair of slim fit jeans and a white or light blue dress shirt is classic and will look good when layers with other clothes like sweaters and coats.

Slim fit jeans are the most dressy looking so I’d recommend getting a pair in a dark wash or medium dark wash. Dark wash jeans are the most dressy looking.


Slim Straight Jeans

Slim straight jeans are the second most important pair. Slim straight jeans are slim around the thigh and straight around the calves.

These jeans also work with the same shoes as slim fit jeans but bluchers and desert boots look best here. The wideness of the leg would work well for desert boots or bluchers but might look a little sloppy with loafers.

You can wear dress shirts with these jeans as well. You can wear a slim fit and a regular fit dress shirt. A regular fit dress shirt would work well because the silhouette of these jeans isn’t completely slim.

Dark wash is the most dressy looking on any pair of jeans but these jeans also look good and might even work better with your wardrobe in a medium dark wash.

Straight Fit Jeans

Straight fit jeans are the third most important. Straight fit jeans are straight around the thigh and calves.

These jeans work best with desert boots and wouldn’t work well with bluchers or loafers. The wideness of the leg would work even better than slim straight jeans with dessert boots but would look sloppy with bluchers or loafers.

You can wear dress shirts with these jeans but only regular fit dress shirts. A slim fit dress shirt would not look good here.

These jeans can be worn in a dark wash depending on what you wear but I’d recommend getting them in a medium dark wash or a medium wash. These jeans are the most casual so lighter colors work best here.

Those are the only three pairs of jeans you need in your wardrobe. A pair of dark wash slim fit jeans, medium dark wash slim straight jeans, and medium wash straight fit jeans work well with most outfits. Just follow this guide and you will look sharp in whatever pairs of jeans you wear.

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