The New iPhone and Apple Watch Will be Announced Today

The new iPhone and Apple Watch will be announced today at Apple’s iPhone Event in San Jose, CA at 10AM PST. We know what to expect from the event but there is always something else the brand reveals that wasn’t rumored or hasn’t leaked.

Apple will reportedly release three new iPhones with the same design as the iPhone X and three screen sizes There will be one the same size as the iPhone X, a larger one, and a more affordable one. The phone will also reportedly come in a gold color, which will probably be the most popular.

As for what the new iPhone will be called? It will probably be called the iPhone XS. The larger one will probably be called the iPhone XS Plus. There are no rumors as to what the more affordable one will be called.

The company will also release the Apple Watch Series 4, which will come with a larger display and increase the size from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 45mm. The watch will also probably come in gold. The company will also probably release new sport, leather, nylon, Sport Loop, Nike, and Nike Sport Loop bands as well as new Apple Watch Hermès bands.


The new iPhone will be popular with fashion people. Those who can afford luxury handbags seem to buy new iPhone when they are released every year. Especially when they are released in a new color like gold or Rose Gold. The Apple Watch, however, is not that popular with fashion people.

It’s pretty fashionable, especially with the Hermès bands and fashion publications always talk about fashion and technology and that they want something functional. The Apple Watch is pretty functional. It also looks good.

The iPhone event will be held today but the new iPhone probably won’t be released until October or November and pre-orders probably won’t begin until about two weeks. They will probably also cost around $1,000 like the iPhone X.

As for when the new iPhone will be released, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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