The New Hermès Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff Apple Watch Bands (updated)

Earlier today, Tim Cook of Apple revealed that he had worked with Hermès to create some new bands for the Apple Watch. They showed one picture but didn’t go into any detail beyond the names of these bands. There are three bands, the Single Tour, the Double Tour, and the Cuff. They all come in hand stitched leather and different colors with the exception of the Cuff. Now that the event is over, Apple has updated their website with new pictures and pricing for these bands and we have some pictures below.

The Hermès Single Tour is priced at $1100, the Double Tour is $1250, and the Cuff is $1500 and that’s actually not that expensive for an accessory from Hermès. I wouldn’t be surprised to see brands like Louis Vuitton start making bands with its classic monogram on it and I’d love to see a watch band by MCM.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier that the watches will be shipping with their own Hermès watch faces. I’m guessing this means you’ll have to buy the watch with the band to get the watch face.






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Update: Upon further investigation, I found that the bands are available when you purchase a watch with it. The prices listed above have been edited to read correctly.

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