The MCM Munich Boston Bag Will be my First Luxury Bag

I’m not a big fan of many of MCM’s bags. They are usually very loud and have a lot of hardware on them. Then there’s the MCM Munich Boston Bag a more minimalistic and simple handbag than the brands other bags. The Munich Boston Bag is quite beautiful and it will be my first luxury handbag.

The MCM Munich Boston Bag was released in the MCM Fall/Winter 2015 Collection last year and retails for $1,495. The leather is smooth and there aren’t any large logos on it. The brand’s name is actually on the sides of the bag. It doesn’t have much hardware either like many of MCM’s other bags. It is quite a minimalistic bag.

Then, there are the bag’s colors. It originally came in black, brown, grey, and red but it seems as if MCM has released a new color of his season. The bag now comes in yellow which is the most beautiful color I’ve seen the bag in but it also makes getting one a little more difficult.

Last year, the Givenchy Antigona was my favorite bag. That was the bag that I wanted to be my first luxury handbag. Then I saw the MCM Munich Boston Bag and wanted that. The only thing is that I want a black bag because that’s my favorite color to get handbags in but also like the way the bag looks in brown. Now, MCM has released the bag in yellow and while it’s beautiful, it won’t go with many outfits.


Also, satchels are my favorite kind of handbags so I want to have both a black one and a brown one in my wardrobe so that I have a color for every outfit. So if I get two bags, I could get two Munich Boston bags in black and brown, or I could get a black Antigona and a brown Munich Boston Bag since I don’t want two of the same bag, though, I have two small Longchamp Le Pliages.

Regardless, the MCM Munich Boston Bag is a beautiful, minimalistic handbag, comes in beautiful colors, and is more affordable than most luxury handbags. Whether I get it in black, brown, or yellow, it will be my first luxury handbag.

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