The Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Eye-Trunk is Stupid

Louis Vuiton showed a Petite Malle inspired iPhone protector in its Spring/Summer 2017 collection last year in October. Nicolas Ghesquiere even posted a photo of himself using it on Instagram a day before it debuted on the runway. As of last week, the iPhone protector, called the “Eye-Trunk”, has been released, but don’t bother buying it because it’s stupid.

Everyone knows that iPhones are expensive. The iPhone 7 starts at $649 before taxes and costs up to $849 while the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 and costs up to $969. Given how much they costs, people like to put protectors on their phones to keep it looking nice and to hold its resale value. While many cheap protectors are available on websites like eBay, Apple offers its own for $35 -$49, better ones can cost over $100.

Louis Vuitton’s protectors, however, cost over $1,000. Yep. These costs more then the actual phone itself. The cheapest of the protectors, the Eye-Trunk for iPhone 7 in monogram canvas (below), costs $1,180 before taxes The most expensive one, the Eye-Trunk for iPhone 7 Plus in golden crocodile leather, costs $5,550.

Louis Vuitton has made protectors for the iPhone before. For example this iPhone 6 Folio protector in monogram canvas. That protector only costs $295, though, and that’s not because its old. The iPhone 7 protector in the same style costs the same. That’s not that bad of a price given that some good protectors are only a little cheaper than that. It’s also a good price given it comes from a well-known fashion brand. So, prices like that are to be expected.


The new protectors, however, costs a lot more than the actual phone its protecting. Why would anyone want to pay over $1,000 for a protector for a phone whose most expensive model costs $969. Even after taxes the iPhone 7 costs less than the cheapest Eye-Trunk protector.

Then we have those gold crocodile protectors, which more will be coming soon. $5,550 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for an iPhone protector. That’s $4581 more than the most expensive iPhone.

What’s more, the protectors will be outdated in September when the new iPhone is released. Rumors have been circulating, showing that the next iPhone won’t just be an iPhone 7S that looks the same as the current model. It will probably be an entirely new model with an new design which means your old protectors won’t work with it.

It’s basically the same thing as when Apple released the 18k gold Apple Watch Edition. No one bought it because it started at $10,000 and would be outdated soon after its release. Though, the Apple Watch, which starts at $369 for the newest model, is still a better investment than the Eye-Trunks. You’ll get a lot more functionality out of them and they won’t be outdated as quickly as the Eye-Trunks.

People will, however, buy this. I’ve seen some people with this on Instagram. I’m sure a bunch of street style bloggers will buy it and post photos of it on Instagram as well. Celebrities might also been seen with these.

Regardless, it’s stupid and you shouldn’t buy it. Don’t waste your money on something that costs much more than the device its protecting and that will be outdated in a couple of months. Instead, spend your money on something better like a handbag.

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