The Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk is Still Stupid

Louis Vuitton recently released a new Eye-Trunk iPhone protector for the iPhone X but it’s still stupid and you still shouldn’t get it.

Louis Vuitton released a Petite Malle inspired iPhone protector for its Spring/Summer 2017 collection that retailed from $1,180 to $5,550. When the Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk was released, the iPhone 7 started at $649 before taxes and costed up to $849 while the iPhone 7 Plus started at and costed up to $969.

The iPhone X starts at $999 before taxes and costs up to $1,149. The Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk for iPhone X costs $1,250. The protector, like when it was first released, costs more than the phone itself.

Also, the protector was released a little late. Luxury brands aren’t approved vendors that get pre-released iPhone specifications to start making protectors, according to an article on PurseBlog. So, Louis Vuitton is a little late to release luxury protectors for the newest iPhone.


Not only are you paying more money for a protector than you are for your phone, but you’re getting one late. Apple announces its new iPhones in September, which is in about 6 months or so. If you upgrade your phone every time a new one is released, which most people who can afford to buy over $1,000 iPhone protectors usually do, this iPhone protector is not that much of a good investment.

The Apple Watch Hermès bands are expensive but they still cost less than the watch itself. The Apple Watch Hermès with the Double Tour band costs $1,299 before taxes. The watch itself costs $810 while the band costs $489. The Apple Watch Hermès bands would costs more than the watch itself if you got an Apple Watch or an Apple Watch Sport and an Hermès band where the Apple Watch starts at $599 and costs up to $799 and the Apple Watch Sport starts at $329 and costs up to $399.

They are still more functional and would still last longer, though. People don’t buy a new Apple Watch as often as they buy a new iPhone.

Also, fashion is always talking about technology and fashion and people get excited about phone protectors like this but fashion seems to not be excited about the Apple Watch, which is more fashionable than the Eye-Trunk and more functional. It’s a better investment than the Eye-Trunk and many other fashion tech accessories.

Regardless, it’s still stupid and you shouldn’t buy it. Don’t waste your money on something that costs more than the phone it’s protecting and will be outdated in a couple of months.

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