The Hermès Birkin Flap Closure is Becoming a Classic Silhouette

The Hermès Birkin is one the most popular and sought after bags in the world. It’s also the most expensive handbag line in the world starting at around $10,000 and costing up to over $100,000. The bag is most notable for its flap, strap, and turn lock closure and that is now becoming a classic silhouette.

The Hermès Birkin is a classic bag and its silhouette is already classic but most brands couldn’t make a bag that even looked a little similar to it without people saying they were copying the Birkin. PurseBlog even published an article in which the publication says its commenters seem to complain about bags trying to be a Birkin a lot and lists bags that look like it. Now, though, brands are starting to put flaps on their bags that look similar to the Birkin even if the bag doesn’t actually look that similar to it.

As I said, the silhouette of the bag is already classic but the flap closure is now becoming a classic silhouette. The Birkin uses a flap closure made of a piece of leather sewn into the back leather of the bag at the top. The flap also has cutouts for the handles, straps, and turn lock.

Other bags are using this flap like the Ralph Lauren Ricky and the Versace Pallazo Empire Bag. The Ralph Lauren Ricky has the flap but also has straps like the Birkin, however, these straps go through the flap and buckle. The bag also has a lock with a keyhole instead of a turn lock.


The Versace Pallazo Empire Bag has the same flap and cutouts for the handles but the shape is a little different. It also uses a flip lock closure instead of a turn lock closure.

Thos bags looks very similar to the Birkin but there are bags that use the flap closure that don’t look that similar. For example, the Chloé Faye Bag uses the same flap but it doesn’t look that much like a Birkin. The Longchamp Madeleine also uses the same flap and even though it still looks pretty similar to the Birkin, it still has its own shape.

The flap is being used on more bags and in a way that isn’t exactly copying the bag. This kind of flap is becoming a classic silhouette that can be used on many bags without people saying it’s copying the Birkin. The same way zippers are now used on many bags where the Hermès Bolide was actually the first handbag to use a zipper. It was also the first dome shaped handbag. The Louis Vuitton Alma is similar to that bag but it’s considered a classic.

The flap of the Birkin is becoming a classic silhouette. Many handbags are using it now and I wouldn’t be surprised if more handbags started using it as well.

As for if more handbags will start using it, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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