The Haute Écriture Guide to Dining Etiquette in 2017

There are many guides on the internet to dining etiquette. Most of which cover basic manners, silverware use and placement, and other social rules. What the majority of them don’t walk about is how to be polite in a modern age or better yet, how those rules apply these days. So, today I’m going to give you a few tips on dining etiquette in 2017.

1. Be On Time

The first thing you need to do when you are invited somewhere is be on time, especially if you’re invited to a restaurant. When meeting with friends, it’s okay to be a few minutes late but if you’ll be a lot later, call the host and let them know. That, however, only works for being invited to someone’s home. Being very late to a restaurant will either make people have to wait to order until you get there or wait until your done eating to leave or continue with the meal. So, just be on time.


If you can’t attend an event you’ve been formally invited to, RSVP and let the host know you can’t come. Not RSVPing is not the same as declining an invitation. Also, don’t RSVP at the last minute, especially if the host has to financially plan the event. For example, a wedding or a dinner party at a restaurant.

3. Selfies

Okay, so now you’re at the restaurant, dinner party, your friend’s house, etc. You, as many people would, have dressed up nicely and want to take a selfie. Don’t do this at the table, especially during the meal. Take your selfie outside, at the bar, or anywhere else that isn’t at the table before or after the meal. Although, you may take a selfie at the table if others, including the host, are joining in and have agreed to take the photo after having been asked.

4. Greeting People

When you arrive at an event or restaurant and you greet people, the best thing to do is follow their lead. Some people like to shake hands while others hug or give light kisses. If you don’t personally know someone, go for a handshake. If they proceed to hug you or give light kisses on the cheek, you should as well.


5. Bringing Gifts

When you’re invited to an event, a dinner party, or someone’s house, bring a gift. This gift can be a bottle of wine or it can even be a side dish or something to go along with the meal. Regardless, you should bring something unless you’ve been instructed not to. If you’re at a restaurant, you shouldn’t bring anything unless you’re there for an event.

6. Get Off Your Phone

Another thing people tend to do at restaurants or dinner parties is check their phones too much. The sames rules you’d use for a date apply here as well. Turn your phone off. If you have to have your phone on, put it on silent. If you receive calls and text messages, only respond to them if your host has excused themselves from the table. This, however, only works if you’re there with only one person. If you’re with a group, excuse yourself and respond in a private area. Regardless, just don’t be on your phone much. You’re there to talk to people and be social, not to be texting, talking on the phone, or checking what the latest post from Kylie Jenner on Instagram was.

7. When to Begin Eating

There used to be a rule in dining etiquette that you had to wait until everyone got their food to begin eating. Now, you can just wait until two or more people have gotten their food to start eating. You should, of course, always wait until your dinner partner has received their meal to start eating if you’re there with only one other person. Also, if you’re at someone’s house, you should begin eating when two or more people have received their food and you should eat if you’re the only one who has food if your host tells you to. No one likes preparing a fresh, hot meal for guests only to watch it get cold because people are waiting.

8. Excusing Yourself

If you need to excuse yourself to go to the restroom, the est time to do it is at the end of the meal. Women, however, like to and sometimes need to touch up their makeup. So, you can excuse yourself in between courses. Also, needing to go to the restroom should be the only thing that you excuse yourself for between course. Don’t excuse yourself from the table to take a phone call. If you’re at someone’s house or an event, only excuse yourself from the table after everyone has finished eating.

9. Getting Appetizers or Second Courses

When you’re at a restaurant, only get appetizers or a second course if the host has done so. Doing this after your host has finished eating can be rude. It can also make the host pay more than they might have been expecting.

10. Paying the Bill

When eating at a restaurant, the host is always the one who pays the bill. This is because the host is most likely the person who invited you to out to eat and the person who invites people to eat, to events, or to do other things that cost money always pays. Guests, however, give tips unless the host has specifically said he or she will pay it as well.

Basic Table Manners

There are still a few old rules in dining etiquette that still apply today. Napkins should always be on your lap. Wipe your mouth between each bite. Keep your elbows off the table while eating. Don’t take two bites from the same forkful. Don’t take large bites or put too much food on your fork. Chew with your mouth closed. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Don’t take a drink while there is still food in your mouth. Don’t reach across the table. Wash your hands after using the restroom.

Those are my tips for dining etiquette in 2017. As I said, there are many guides on the internet that talk about the bast rules for dining etiquette but they don’t talk about how those rules apply today. Follow these tips to be a good guest at any restaurant, dinner party, or event.

So, what do you think? Do you like these tips for dining etiquette in 2017 or is there So wing else I should’ve included in this list? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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