The Guess Peacoat I’ll Be Wearing this Fall and Winter

I’ve been wanting to get a peacoat for a while. I’ve been looking online for one that might actually fit since the beginning of summer. I found one on about a week ago and it came in the mail yesterday. This peacoat is classic, minimalistic, and beautiful. I will be wearing it this fall and winter but I’ll also be wearing it next year and many years after.

As I said, I had been wanting a peacoat for a while. Not just any peacoat, though. I wanted a classic, minimalistic, black, double breasted peacoat with six buttons. There are many peacoats online that have up to ten buttons on them, some of which are there just for style. Others have leather lapels, too many pockets, or other details that make them look bad. That, however, seems to only be what a lot of the affordable ones look like.

The more expensive peacoats seem to be the only ones that actually look good. Good peacoats usually go from $80 – $200. Peacoats from brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, however, can cost over $400. Luckily, the peacoat I got from Guess was on sale for Labor Day.

The Bradley Peacoat with Removable Placket is a good peacoat that only cost me $86 after taxes and shipping. The coat usually costs $188, was on sale for $177, and was further discounted to $71 for Labor Day, though, it’s worth the $188 price tag.


It’s quite thick, it has knit cuffs in the sleeves, and the material is a wool blend but it’s still soft. It’s also classic, minimalistic, double breasted, and it has notched lapels, a quilted lining, and a faux leather removable placket for a layered look.

The coat also comes in both black and grey but the grey coat seems to have sold out in small sizes.

I got mine in extra small, which is pretty difficult to find, but it is still too big. I want a peacoat that falls mid crotch but this coat falls past it. The sleeves are also too long and they as well as the shoulder and waist need to be taken in.

So, I am going to have to take it to a tailored before I actually go out in it. Luckily, Fall doesn’t begin for another 2 weeks and it won’t actually get cold until October.

Regardless, it’s a pretty good peacoat. Although I got it for $86, it’s worth the original price because of its style and quality. That’s why I’ll be wearing this peacoat this fall and winter but I’ll also be wearing it next year and many years after.

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