The First Collection by Dior’s In House Atelier Is Here

Back in December, it was reported that Dior’s next two collections would be designed by the brands in-house atelier because the company still hadn’t replaced Raf Simons. The first two of those collections is finally here in this year’s Dior Haute Couture Spring 2016 collection, though some say it’s not as good as Raf Simons’ collections.


According to an article by Dhani Mau on Fashionista, this collection “left something to be desired” though it still featured couture quality clothing and “red carpet worthy gowns”. The collection featured things from past haute couture collections but it seems as if that wasn’t enough to make the collection as new and fresh as when Simons was still at Dior as the article further reads,

…without someone like Simons, whose perfectionist tendencies were well-documented in 2014 documentary “Dior and I,” leading the charge, the end result was a little disappointing, and lacking in the excitement, newness and formality we’ve come to expect from Dior Couture shows. The tailoring also felt off, and there wasn’t one dress that would really set our hearts aflutter if we saw it on an upcoming awards show red carpet.

Raf Simons’ resignation also seems to have caused the brand to be less interesting to those who usually sit in the front row at Dior’s haute couture shows.

According to an article on the New York Times, celebrity faces were missing at the show where the front row is usually full of “its campaign stars” and “A-list celebrities” but they weren’t there this time. There were celebrities and famous models at all the other couture shows, though. Maybe they are just waiting to see what happens with the brand’s clothing or until Dior finds someone to replace Raf Simons.

Personally, I’d like to see what the Fall/Winter 16/17 collection will look like as ready-to-wear collections get the most attention out of the 6 or so fashion weeks throughout the year. Not to mention, Dior is a French brand which means it gets even more attention than brands from other places.

Also, I thought there would be many more articles talking about this collection simply because Raf Simons wasn’t there and everyone was writing about his resignation from the brand but there aren’t. Regardless, people will still be talking about Dior and Lanvin when the two brands find someone to replace their former Creative Directors as well as their collections.

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