The Best Wine and Cheese Pairings for the Summer

Wine and cheese has been paired for quite a while and many people love to have it as a snack on the weekend or at dinner parties. There are even events specifically for pairing wines and cheeses. That is usually a summer snack, although many people do eat it in during fall and winter. There are quite a few wines and cheeses that you can pair but these are the best pairings for the summer.

In the summer, people mostly like light, fresh foods. When it comes to cheeses, fresh, light cheeses that go well with fruits and even vegetables are better where cheeses like cheddar are better for fall and winter.

As for wine, you should pair your cheeses with crisp white wines and fruity red wines.

For a cheese plate you could have a Pinot Noir from California or a white Rhone from France. Although, there are a few specific pairings you might want that work well for the summer.


Camembert and Beaujolais

Camembert is a soft cheese. It goes well with fresh fruit where strawberries go best with it. The best wine to go with this cheese would be Beaujolais if you don’t want Pinot Noir or Rhone.

Iberico and Sauvignon Blanc

Iberico is similar to Manchego. It’s the actually one of the most popular cheeses in Spain’s but it’s not very well known in the US. The cheese would go well with Sauvignon Blanc or a Spanish Garnacha.

Rocchetta and Rosé

Rocchetta is a creamy, Italian cheese. It also goes well with strawberries. The best wine to go with this cheese would be a Rosé where one from California would be best.

Mozzarella and Champagne

Mozzarella is not creamy or soft like most of these cheeses but it’s still light enough for the summer. The best wine to go with this cheese would be Champagne.

There are quite a few other wine and cheese pairing for the summer like Manchego and Champagne or Havarti and Pinot Noir but these are the best. People mostly like light, fresh foods in the summer and cheeses that go well with fresh fruits or even vegetables and crisp white wines and fruit you red wines are best for the summer.

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