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It’s the last Saturday of the month which means it’s time for the Best of Haute Écriture. If you’re new, the Best of Haute Écriture is an article series that I post on the last Saturday of every month in which I gather my top 3 favorite posts, the best news stories, videos, and more. A lot has been going on in fashion so let’s get started with this month’s Best of Haute Écriture.

Neiman Marcus Last Call Selling Hermès Birkins

Neiman Marcus Last Call was all over fashion news when it was selling Hermès Birkins. The company is selling them much in the way Saks Off 5th began selling them on discount earlier this year in July. The handbags are used and vintage although the year in which the bags has not been listed like they were with Saks Off 5th.

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Kylie Jenner Debuts Traditional Lipstick for the Holidays

Kylie Jenner was all over fashion news when she announced that she will be releasing traditional lipstick for the holidays on December 13th. The new line of lipstick is called the Silver Series with 20 colors to choose from. There will also be two more product launches that day. Kylie Jenner launching traditional lipsticks is one of her biggest product releases in a while given she started her brand with only liquid lipsticks and lip glosses and has only released new colors of those lipsticks since. She has, however, released other new products like the Kyshadow palettes.

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Why is Burberry Selling Items on Discount?

Burberry is having a sale online. Select items have been discounted, however, it has not been said specifically how much the items have been discounted. The brand has simply discounted these items. The items include some fall and winter items and spring and summer items as well. Many items have been discounted quite a bit with coats costing over $1,900 being discounted to just under $1,000. The brand has even discounted some of its handbags and accessories with some bags that cost over $900 being discounted to just over $700.

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