The Best Fabrics and Textures to Wear this Fall and Winter

Fall begins in about a months or so. Everyone knows that when a new season comes, people wear different colors and different styles. What many people don’t know is that when a new season comes, people wear different fabrics and textures as well. Summer is full of silks, linen, cotton, and other light materials that are usually for staying cool. During the winter you get thicker fabrics. You can also use more types of fabric in the winter than in the summer and today I’m going to go over the best fabrics and textures to use this season.

One of the most common fabrics to use during the winter besides cotton is wool. You can get wool in a scarf, a sweater, gloves, and even socks. There are, however, different types of wool and the best is cashmere. Cashmere is a wool that is much finer and softer than regular wool. The quality of cashmere is also much better than regular wool. So much so that brands and stores have entire sections dedicated to the fabric. This also means that it’s more expensive than regular wool. Regardless, it is the best type of wool and one of the best and most luxurious fabrics to wear during the winter.

The next fabric isn’t one you would usually wear given its rough texture. That fabric is felt. I actually saw felt being used on a clutch from Coach. When I saw that clutch, I knew it was something that should be used during the winter. The way felt looks, it’s texture, and the thickness of it are what make it perfect for winter. It is best used for accessories like that clutch, a handbag, a card holder, and more.

As for textures, one of the best to go with during the winter is cable knit. Cable knit sweaters and cable knit scarves are some of the best winter accessories because the patterns they come in look great. You can get them in many patterns but the most classic and best looking is a sweater with small patterns on them.


You can also mix fabrics to get another look that is great during the winter, the leather and fabric look. You could just wear leather accessories but there are some sweaters and gloves that are made of both cotton and leather. For example, some cotton sweaters come with leather shoulder and elbow patches. Some gloves have leather patches on the fingers or on the palm as well. This is a dressy look that many people don’t seem to wear so it would be perfect this fall and winter.

There are many other fabrics and textures that you can wear during fall and winter but these are the best for this season. Cashmere wool will give you a luxurious look, felt will make your accessories look great, cable knit will give you a classic look, and the leather and fabric look will give you a dressy look.

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