The Apple Watch Hermès Will Probably Get New Bands this September

Last year, Hermès updated the colors of the Apple Watch Hermès bands and released new bands twice. The brand released new colors for spring and new bands for fall. This year the brand released new colors for spring and it will probably release new bands for fall this September.

The brand updated the colors of the Apple Watch Hermès bands for spring last year. The brand released four new colors and new leathers for the Single Tour and Double Tour bands.

Last year in September Apple held its annual iPhone event in San Fransico. The company announced two new bands, updated the colors on two old bands, and released a special sport band for the Apple Watch Hermès. The new bands included the Double Buckle Cuff and the. Single Tour Deployment Buckle and a sport band in Hermès’ signature orange The Single Tour and Double Tour got new colors and the cuff was discontinued.

Apple updated the colors for the bands last year as well. The company updated the colors of the old bands and released a new nylon band for spring. The company also released new colors for fall.


This year, Apple updated the colors of the bands again and released a new band for spring. The Apple Watch Hermès bands got new colors as well with the Single Tour, Double Tour, and Double Buckle getting new colors.

Apple also updated the colors of the bands for Summer just after WWDC in June. The brand usually only does this every spring and every fall.

Apple will hold its annual iPhone event in September as it does every year and the company will probably announce some new Apple Watch Hermès bands as well. It seems the colors of the bands get updated for spring but new bands get released for fall. Also, a band may get discontinued like the cuff did last year.

More people have been wearing the Apple Watch as well. When I first got the watch, and for quite a while afterwards, I didn’t see anyone else with it. After a couple of months I’d maybe see one or two people wearing it every once in a while. Then, after the Apple Watch Series 2 was released, I started seeing more people wear it. Now, I see someone wearing it every time I go out on the weekend.

So, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the brand decided to release some new bands. Especially if more people are wearing the Apple Watch.

As for if the company will release new bands, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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