The $49 American Eagle White Jeans I’ll Be Wearing All Summer

American Eagle is one of my favorite brands. I actually don’t wear most of their products but their jeans are the only jeans I wear. They have some pretty good styles in light, medium, and dark washes and they seem to be the only brand that has size 26 men’s jeans. Yesterday I bought a pair of slim fit white jeans from the brand and I’ll be wearing them all summer.

I have been wanting a pair of white jeans for a while. I already have some white chinos but I’ve been wanting something more casual that could be dressed up. The chinos are casual but they are a little more dressy so I mostly wear dress shirts with them. Although, that’s what I’ll be doing with these jeans as well.

American Eagle has been selling white jeans for a while. Last year I was shopping at one of their stores and saw some slim fit white jeans but they weren’t exactly white. They were more of a cream color and I want white. So, although they fit well, I didn’t get them. They were even in clearance online for $26 or so but I still didn’t get them.

Then, about a couple of weeks after those pants went on clearance, the brand released another pair of slim fit white jeans. These jeans were actually white, though. They also cost $49, which is about as much as every new pair of jeans from American Eagle costs. That was a bit much so I went to the store to see them.


They fit well but they still cost $49 and that is a lot for one pair of jeans. So, I decided to wait until they went on sale. American Eagle has a sale often and pretty much on every holiday, though, not so much on their jeans. They usually have a buy one get one half off sale on their jeans and shorts rather than just discounting them.

Regardless, the jeans never seem to go on sale. So, yesterday I went to the store and bought them. Although, they might have been discounted in a sale last year.

As I said the white jeans cost $49. The jeans I got are a size 26 X 28 and are slim fit but they are available from sizes 26 – 44. The denim is of good quality as well, though, because its white, you still need to make sure not to stain then. Dark wash and medium was jeans can get stains on them and they won’t be noticeable but light wash and white jeans will obviously show stains more.

The jeans I bought were also the last pair in that size the store had in stock. American Eagle seems to be the only brand that has size 26 jeans and they always sell out quickly. Much in the way most stores that sell XS t shirts seem to always sell out quickly.

The jeans are kind of expensive but they are of pretty good quality. They fit well and white jeans are a spring and summer essential so I’ll be wearing them all summer.

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