The $39 Zara Faux Leather Shoes I Returned the Next Day

Last week I bought a pair of brown bluchers online from Zara. I had been looking for some brown shoes for a while and these seemed perfect. Even more so when I tried them on in store. As perfect as the shoes seemed, they weren’t. I wore them last weekend and after about an hour and a lot of chafing, I returned them.

I have been wanting to get a pair of brown leather shoes for a while. Specifically bluchers or loafers. I’ve been wanting brown ones because I already have black shoes. Also, I want something to go with a brown dress belt I got from Perry Ellis. Those two things would look great with that Guess peacoat I got a couple of months ago and a pair of dark wash jeans.

The only thing is that most stores don’t carry size 7 and when they do, they are very expensive. That means I have to order shoes online. So, I did.

About a week ago, I order a pair of brown bluchers from for $39. The shoes are faux leather but that’s to be expect from a shoe at that price. They were sent to the store for pickup and arrived last Wednesday. My husband and I, however, went to pick them up on Friday.


When we got to the store, I noticed that they are a lot lighter in person than they are in the photo. The shoes also and come with a lightly burnished toe look and some marks on the faux leather to make it look worn, also not shown in the photo. That, however, wasn’t much of an issue for me. I actually liked the worn look it had.

I also tried the shoe on before we left to make sure it fit. The fit was okay but the faux leather was hard and I thought the fit it could be better so I searched for the shoes in the store. After trying on a size 6, the shoe fit better so I exchanged them.

I wore them the next day with a blue dress shirt from H&M, a pair of white chinos, and brown belt. I thought the hard faux leather would soften up after I wore them but after walking around for about 20 minutes or so, they started to get uncomfortable.

About 15 minutes later, they started hurting and the faux leather was chafing on my ankle. The faux leather was chafing because I was wearing them with no show socks. That’s something you’d usually do with a pair of loafers rather than bluchers.

Regardless, my ankles were red and started to get sore and after an hour of wearing the shoes, I decided to return them. Lucky, even though the shoes had been worn, I was able to get a refund.

One thing people said a lot while I was reading guides on dressing well is that if a shoe isn’t comfortable the first time you try them on, they’ll never be.

Also, when I was trying them on in the store, I noticed that the shoes originally cost over $80. They are not worth that much even if they were comfortable. You can get a good pair of leather shoes that will probably fit better and last longer for that price.

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