The $30 H&M Slim Fit Blazer I’ll be Wearing All Year

I’ve been wanting to get a blazer for a while now. I’ve shopped around in H&M, Zara, J Crew, and more and I haven’t been able to find anything that fits. I’ve also shopped in kids clothing and I still haven’t found anything that fits. Last weekend in went to an H&M store and got not one, but two slim fit blazers for $30 each and I’ll be wearing them all year.

As I said, I’ve been wanting to get a blazer for a while now. More specifically, a black blazer to wear with fall and winter outfits or when I go out on the weekends in the summer. I had also been wanting to get a navy blazer to wear during the summer.

I’ve shopped at quite a few stores to try and find a blazer and have been looking for one for a while. About a year ago, my husband and I went shopping for Christmas gifts and I saw a blazer at H&M that actually fit well. I also saw a grey sweater and told my husband to either get me the blazer or the sweater. He got me the sweater and when we went back to get the blazer it was sold out. I didn’t look much for blazers after that.

Last year, however, I began looking for blazers again. Just before I got that Guess peacoat tailored, I had my measurements taken and was told that my chest size was 32 1/2. After doing that I went shopping at H&M. The brand didn’t seem to carry my size, though. They only carry blazers as small as a size 34. So, every time I tried on a blazer it was too big. Not only too big around the chest but too long.


Since pretty much every time I tried one on it didn’t fit, I decided to look in kids clothing. H&M carries sizes 9 to 14+. The blazers I tried in were sizes 13-14 and 14+. The 13-14 size blazers weren’t too long but the chest was too small. The size 14+ blazer was too long and the chest was still a little too small.

They pretty much just didn’t have anything that would fit so I decided to look at other stores. I’ve shopped at Zara but they only carry size 34 and up. I’ve looked in J Crew and the brand only carries size 34 and up and doesn’t carry children’s clothing in stores. Brooks Brothers also only carries size 34 and doesn’t carry children’s clothing in stores.

After looking in all of those stores, I looked in children’s clothing in Macy’s. I found a Tommy Hilfiger blazer that fit but it was too expensive. $70 is way too much for a blazer whose buttons aren’t of good quality and whose sleeve buttons don’t actually work. I also found Calvin Klein blazer that fit perfectly but it was $100 before taxes which is too expensive. The quality just isn’t worth that price.

I’ve also looked in a Polo Ralph Lauren store, which carries children’s clothing. Those blazers were, of course, too big. Pretty much every store carries only size 34 and up or doesn’t carry children’s clothing in stores and if they do, the blazers are too big or too small. So, if I got a blazer, I’d have to get it tailored.

Last weekend, my husband and I were shopping at H&M and I tried on a slim fit blazer. The blazer was a size 34 but the chest and shoulder actually fit well. The sleeves were too long but that can be tailored. The jacket, however, cost $69 and was navy. I’ve been wanting to get navy blazer for the summer but if I was going to pay that much for it I’d rather get a black one that I can wear with almost anyone outfit.

The store didn’t have any black ones in that size so I asked a sales associate to call another store to see if they had it in stock. After calling, she said the store didn’t even carry slim fit blazers. Every time I looked fo any blazers in the store she called I only saw regular fit blazers, which wouldn’t be too big for me.

My husband and I, were going to a Forever 21 next to that store anyway to pick up an order. So, I decided to look in children’s clothing again to see which size I’d like to have tailored but the chest is too small on both 13-14 and 14+ size blazers. I then looked in men’s blazer just to see if I might find anything and the store actually had both black and navy slim fit blazers in size 34.

What’s more, they were on sale for $30. So, after trying them on, I bought them. Also, H&M gives you a 15% discount if you bring in old clothes that you don’t want anymore and donate them. So, not only were the blazers on sale but I got 15% off my entire purchase.

The blazers are of pretty good quality given how much I paid for them. The fabric is pretty soft. The chest pocket doesn’t work and the side pockets don’t work but there are a few pockets inside the blazer. The sleeve buttons also don’t work but I did pay only $30 for them. The sleeves on the blazers are too long but I will get them tailored.

The blazers are affordable and fit well. The quality is pretty good given the price and since I have both a black and navy one, I’ll be wearing them all year.

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