Streetwear Isn’t Cool Anymore but That’s Not a Surprise

Streetwear isn’t cool anymore. It wasn’t very cool in the first place but almost every big fashion brand jumped on the bandwagon when it became cool and many people have even built entire brands on the style. Now it isn’t as cool as it was before and these brands are moving away from it but that’s not much of a surprise.

Streetwear or urban clothing isn’t cool anymore. It may have been big for a moment but it’s wasn’t actually that cool in the first place. Streetwear is a style that’s mostly about wearing many trends or flashy, branded items at the same time as well as wearing clothing that’s way to big or small for you and often ripped. The style is very tacky and ostentatious.

Regardless, it was cool. Almost every big brand released collections in the style for years. Louis Vuitton, Coach, Saint Laurent, and more have been releasing collections like this for quite a while.

There have also been people who have built their entire brands on it. For example, Alexander Wang is streetwear. That’s what the entire brand is. You won’t find anything from the brand that isn’t in that style and you won’t find anything elegant or classic.


Brands, however, are now moving away from the style and don’t want to be called streetwear. Glossy recently published an article in which basically every brand that was asked if it was streetwear said no or explained how they weren’t that but a lifestyle brand or something like that.

So, basically people who built their brands on the style don’t want to be called streetwear. That’s not much of surprise, though. The style is mostly about wearing trends or branded items and showing off your style or wealth but that’s just not cool anymore.

More people are wearing classic, unbranded items. Items from brands like Hermès and Chanel or bags from Louis Vuitton that don’t have the monogram. Although, the Louis Vuitton monogram is kind of back in style and Versace has been quite popular lately.

Tying to be cool or flashy isn’t good anyway. You should instead wear classic styles and accessories because of their quality and because you actually like them.

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