Stop Buying Trends and Buy Classic Items Instead

Fashionista recently published a guide to buying an “it” item before it becomes outdated. While this guide may work for people who want to stay on trend, it doesn’t work well for those who want a wardrobe with well worn clothing and accessories. Plus, it’s expensive, even if you resell. You should, instead, invest in classic items and here’s why.

Fashionista published an article called “A Guide to Buying an ‘It’ Item Before It Becomes Basic”. In it, the online publication gives tips from luxury retail experts explaining just how to get those trendy, “it” items from the runway and retailers. That is, of course, before they become outdated. These tips include just buying an item right away to waiting to see what retailers stock.

Another thing the guide talks about is figuring out whether an item will be trendy or not. Regardless, these tips, and the entire guide, is stupid. You shouldn’t follow it or any of the tips in it.

As I said, the guide works well for people who want to stay on trend but it doesn’t work for those who want a wardrobe with well worn clothing and accessories, which you should. Trendy items always become outdated in the next couple of seasons. You might get some good use out of your items for a couple of months or maybe even a year, but you won’t get the same use out of them that you would a classic piece.


Wardrobes whose clothes are worn often, are of good quality, and whose items work well with more than one outfit, last longer than those with nothing but trendy items in them. You get much more use out of them and the use of your items makes the money you spend on them a lot more worth it.

Trendy items, however, aren’t worth it. They are expensive and you won’t get the same amount of money back for them when you resell them. You can get what you paid, or even more, for a classic piece. Pieces like Chanel Flap Bags, Hermès Birkins, or Louis Vuitton Almas can sell for more than you bought it for. Pieces like the Louis Vuitton “Eye-Trunk” iPhone 7 protector won’t sell for what you paid. Being on trend is more expensive than buying classic items.

Also, buying and wearing classic items always looks good. Classic pieces are classics because they won’t become outdated in the next couple of seasons. There are also a lot of styles and outfits you can wear with just classic pieces.

Fashionista did, however, talk about buying classics saying, “if you’re looking to invest your money, but still don’t want to risk owning an item that will be dated in just a few seasons, you can’t go wrong with the classics — they’re dubbed ‘investment items’ for a reason.

The guide continued to say,

chanel flap bags, Hermès Kellys and Birkins, Cartier Love bracelets, Burberry trench coats, Manolo Blahnik pumps — they’ve all earned must-have status by staying relevant no matter what the trends dictate, and are a pretty safe bet when it comes to dropping a significant amount of cash.

This is the only tip in the guide that you should follow. Just buy classics and invest in the items that won’t be outdated in a couple of seasons and that will still be valuable if you try to resell them.

Fashionista’s guide for buying “it” items before they become outdated is stupid. It doesn’t work for people who want a wardrobe with well worn clothing and accessories. It’s also quite expensive. Instead, just buy classic pieces. They won’t become outdated a couple of seasons and will always look good. You can also still get a good amount of money back if you try to resale them.

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