Stefano Pilati Resigns as Creative Director of Zegna

Well, yet another creative director of a major fashion house is resigning. Stefano Pilati, creative director of Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, reportedly announced he’d be leaving the brand on Wednesday to work on other projects.


According to an article by Gemma Kim on Fashionista, Pilati announced that he’d be leaving Zegna to “pursue other (unnamed) opportunities” after having been the creative director of the brand since 2013.

Pilati addressed the announcement in a press release saying,

“I have given much consideration to this decision and after thoughtful conversations with Gildo Zegna, we have reached the conclusion that the mission he entrusted me with had been fulfilled. I now wish to focus on other projects that I had put aside in order to achieve our common goals with Zegna Couture.”

There are also rumors that Pilati is being considered to replace Alber Elbaz as creative director at Lanvin. Then again, there have been many rumors as to who will replace Elbaz at Lanvin so who knows. Though, there were rumors of Pilati leaving Zegna before Pre-Fall fashion week began so he might end up replacing Elbaz. Also, he wouldn’t be a bad choice for Lanvin given his resume. Pilati previously worked for brands like Yves Saint Lauent, Miu Miu, Prada, and Giorgio Armani.

As for who will replace Pilati, there are rumors that Alessandro Sartori, former creative director of Z Zegna, will be considered for the position after a report on Business of Fashion said that Sartori will be leaving menswear brand Berluti. Which would be a good idea since he already has experience with the company and is why people think he will replace Pilati.

Regardless of who goes where, we should still see some great shows during fashion week this spring. I just hope that people will actually critique the work of Dior’s in-house atelier instead of talking about who will replace Raf Simons since that was what everyone was concerned about during Dior’s latest Haute Couture Spring 2016 show. That, and the fact that there were no celebrity faces in the front row.

Oh, and the rumor that Anthony Vaccarello might replace Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent after the brand’s show this month is still circulating, according to Fashionista.

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