Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week Diversity Report

Every season The Fashion Spot publishes a report in which the publication reviews every major show at Fashion Week. They look at models’ race, size, age, and gender and use that information to report on industry diversity. This season’s report has been published and here are the results.

According to Jennifer Davidson, Managing Editor of The Fashion Spot, the Spring/Summer 2017 season is “the most inclusive the ever.” Overall diversity at show increased from last season’s 24.75% to 25.4%.

Overall, shows had 74.65% of white models, 10.33% black, 7% asian, 3.36% latina, .40% middle eastern, and 4.27% models of other races. These results aren’t quite where they should be, but it’s “better than the 75.3 percent we reported for Fall 2016 and the 77.6 percent from the previous spring,” according to The Fashion Spot.

Though this is the most diverse season overall, New York’s diversity seems to have decreased this season. Last season New York had 31.9% non-white models in their shows while this season the city only had 30.3%.


The Fashion Spot also notes that this is the first time since they’ve been publishing these reports that New York’s diversity has decreased. Still, New York was the most diverse city. Paris had 24.1% of non-white models in their shows while London had 23.5% and Milan had 20.9%.

New York also made improvements where other cities did not. There was a total of 16 plus-size models in shows this season compared to just 6 last season.

Most notably, Christian Siriano cast Marquita Pring, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Precious Lee, Sabina Karlsson, and Georgia Pratt, a third of this season’s plus size models.

While a total of 16 plus-size models this season is good, those results aren’t quite where they should be either. New York Fashion Week only had .54% of plus-size models in shows with only 16 of them out of a total of 2,973 models.

As for age diversity, New York had a total of 13 models over 50 in their shows. London and Milan both had 2 in their shows, bringing them up to .15% of total models this season.

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