Somsack Sikhounmuong Resigns as Creative Director of J Crew

J Crew has announced that Somsack Sikhounmuong has resigned as creative director of the brand after 16 years.

According to an article on The Business of Fashion, J Crew has announced that Somsack Sikhounmuong has resigned as creative director of the brand. Sikhounmuong has been with the brand for 16 years.

Sikhounmuong replaced Jenna Lyons as creative director of the brand earlier this year after she resigned. Sikhounmuong worked as Women’s Head of before that. He was also previously the creative director of Madewell. When he replaced Lyons, he was in charge of the women’s, men’s, and children’s design teams.

A representative for the brand released a statement saying, “while we are sad to see him leave, we respect his decision and wish him all the best. His current responsibilities, which include the oversight of all product design, will be transitioned to other members of our very seasoned and talented design team currently in place.”


The brand also said that Sikhounmuong won’t be replaced. Instead, the design team will work on the brand’s collections, which is similar to what Gap did when people kept resigning from the brand, according to an article on Fashionista. The brand won’t be showing at New York Fashion Week this season either.

The brand mostly recently joined BOF Careers, The Business of Fashion’s online fashion job and career listings page. The brand was hiring a Senior Associate Production Manager, Planning Manager, Wholesale Demand Planner, and Web Designer.

This is just the latest in the brand’s plans to increase sales and profits. The brand announced more plans to lower debt in June including new pricing and marketing as well a job cuts and store closings. The company also reported a 6.3% decline in revenue to $532 million with sales declining by 9% in the first fiscal quarter 2017. Sales would have declined even more if it wasn’t for Madewell where sales increased by 17%. Not replacing Sikhounmuong will probably make sales and profit sales increase at the brand.

Although, it was said Lyons would be paid $1 million in cash severance when she resigned and Millard Drexler was said to be receiving a severance pay as well when he resigned as CEO of the brand in June.

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