Why Social Media Was Not Banned at This Year’s Met Gala

Last year, Vogue’s Anna Wintour banned selfies and social media from the Met Gala. The celebrities and models that attended the event did not listen and posted photos on social media anyway. Then, there was a rumor that Anna Wintour would ban social media and celebrities from this year’s event. Anna Wintour, however, didn’t ban social media or celebrities from this year’s Met Gala and here’s why.

In November, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the theme for this year’s Met Gala which was “fashion in an age of technology”. As I said in an article about this year’s Met Gala, Wintour can’t host an event that celebrates technology and ban it from the event.

Social media is a big part of fashion and brands use it to give customers a look at their new collections. For example, many brands have Instagram accounts in which they post photos of their products, their ad campaigns, the models they work with and more. You can also see full runway shows from all the major fashion weeks on YouTube.

Then there are street style bloggers who make a lot of money from brand partnerships because they have millions of followers on Instagram as well as celebrities that can make a product sell out just by posting a picture of themselves with it.


Burberry also had an entire runway show on Snapchat.

Vogue.com posts photos from their articles on social media, they have video fashion week for brand who do not show their collections at New York Fashion Week, and they just released the new Vogue app.

Not to mention, Anna Wintour won’t ban celebrities from the Met Gala. There may be certain celebrities she doesn’t want at the event but she won’t ban all celebrities from the event. Celebrities make people want to attend the event and it would be quite boring if there weren’t any celebrities there.

Anna Wintour did not ban selfies and social media at the Met Gala because social media is a big part of fashion. Brands use social media to post photos of their products, street style bloggers use it to make money with brand partnerships, models post photos of the brands they work with, and celebrities can make products sell out just by posting a picture of themselves with it. Anna Wintour herself said that fashion is about moving forward and if she banned social media from the Met Gala she would be behind the fashion industry and it would just be ridiculous.

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