Shopping While Short: How to Look Good

About two weeks ago I wrote about the difficulties of shopping for clothes while being only 5’4” and having a 26-28 inch waist. In the article I wrote only about the difficulties but I didn’t write much about what you could do about it and there are a few tips I’d like to share with you to help you stay good-looking.

Tip #1: Shirts

When shopping for t-shirts, always go with extra small if the store you’re shopping at hasn’t already sold out of its extra small sizes. You should do that because extra small shirts won’t look baggy and they will show off the shape of your body. Buying a shirt in small is okay but then you run the risk of it being too long.

If you’re buying a button down shirt, look for a slim fit If you’re buying a button down shirt. Also, if the store you’re shopping at carries it, get a trim fit. This is more important than picking extra small over small because formal wear that is too large looks bad no matter what. It is important that all of your clothes be well-fitting when dressing formally.

Tip #2: Pants


If you’re short and skinny, you need pants that are short and skinny. Maybe not skinny jeans if that’s not your style but you should always go for jeans that have shorter legs. Unless you enjoy the crumpled up look or intend to cuff the legs of your pants, you should stick to pants that are 28×28. These are a little difficult to find but some stores do sell them. If you don’t mind shopping at places like American Eagle or Aeropostale for jeans, you’re good. If you’re shopping for formal wear, pay the extra dollar to get them tailored.

Tip #3: Where to Find Small Clothing

If you’re like me and can’t afford to shop at places like Saks Fifth Avenue or Barney’s New York, you probably do a lot of your clothes shopping at places like Macy’s. This is good because Macy’s is usually part of a mall so you have access to the necessary stores to get what you need and Macy’s carries the sizes you’ll want.

The stores I find 28×28 jeans at are Macy’s, American Eagle and Aeropostale and sometimes I can find a well-fitting 26×28. If you’re shopping at Macy’s, you’ll need to go to the kids section for jeans because jeans in the men’s section don’t go under 30. You can visit more stores if you don’t mind getting 28×30. This would work great if you want to cuff your jeans.

An extra small shirt could be at any store to be honest. Many stores carry this size but they often sell out quickly. If you see a shirt you like in extra small or even just small, don’t wait to get it. It will be gone the next time you go shopping. The places that have extra small shirts most often are Old Navy, Guess, and H&M.

Also, I didn’t include a tip for shoes because people feet vary in size regardless of height and waist size. I can tell you, though, that most stores only carry size 8 and up in men’s so you’ll need to shop in the kids section or just figure out what stores to go to.

I know these tips are simple and some seem obvious but it took me a while to know where to go to get clothes that fit. I know that American Eagle or Aeropostale might not be everyone’s style but give their jeans a try. There have been times that I found jeans that looked so good and you’d never be able to tell I got them there. Just follow these tips and shopping will become much easier.

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