September Issue Magazine Cover Diversity Report 2018

Every year online fashion news publication Fashionista releases a magazine cover diversity report in which the publication looks at diversity on the covers of the most popular magazines. This year, however, the publication has released a September issue magazine cover diversity report and looked at the covers of the most popular magazines’ September issues.

The publication looked at 9 of the same magazines it looked at last year with W’s “Volume 4” only being included because it went from releasing monthly issues to only a few a year.

Out of all of the covers reviewed for 2018, 6 of 11 featured non-white people, which is 54.5% and is a 32.3% increase compared to last year where only 2 of 9 featured non-white people at 22.2%. In 2016, 4 of 9 featured non-white people at 44.4%. In 2015, 3 of 9 featured non-white people at 33.3%.

Diversity on magazines in the UK also increased with many non-white celebrities on the September issues of the most popular magazines.


Magazine covers, however, didn’t feature much body type diversity or age diversity. Most magazines don’t feature curvy models or celebrities and when they do it’s either Ashley Graham or a celebrity like Adele or Amy Schumer. When they feature non-white people, it’s always Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, or Bella Hadid. At least those are who magazines usually pick for September issues.

September issues are also the most important for every magazine. Those are the covers that people talk about the most. So, it’s good that the amount of non-white people increased on those covers, however, magazines need to feature more curvy models and celebrities. Also, non-white people on magazine covers decreased by 4% last year compared to the year before.

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