Semana de la Moda Mexico Primavera/Verano 2016

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, Semana de la Moda Mexico Primavera/Verano 2016 means Mexico Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. Everyone loves to talk about fashion week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, but I never see any fashion bloggers talk about or go to fashion weeks in any other cities. I only see Vogue or Elle barely mention them with some pictures but there isn’t any extensive coverage for cities like those listed above. Some people may speak of Madrid Fashion Week because it’s been gaining some popularity but the only Fashion Week in North America that is spoken about is New York Fashion Week. So today I’m talking about my favorite looks from Mexico Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.

The first outfit I’d like to talk about comes from a designer named Vero Diaz, short for Veronica Diaz.


This outfit looks perfect for a day out shopping in Spring and I absolutely love those pants. Throw on a thin gold bracelet and this outfit would be perfect for an evening out with your friends.

The next outfit is also from Vera Diaz and it reminds me of Oscar de la Renta.


This dress reminds me a lot of the Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2016 collection. It’s in the same style as the Spanish inspired dresses from Ocsar de la Renta but has it’s own design from Vera Diaz on it. It’s quite beautiful and is more of an evening dress rather than a day outfit like the one above.



Speaking of day outfits, this next outfit from Cihauh Nook and is another amazing outfit that is perfect for a day out shopping.


It seems like this outfit would be good for the office but that scarf is what makes it perfect for a day out. It’s minimalistic and chic and I could see someone wearing this out in New York with a black Prada bag or Birkin in crocodile leather or a black Givenchy Antigona in smooth calfskin leather.

Those were just a few of the amazing outfits I saw from Semana de la Moda Mexico but you can see photos from all the shows here on Mercedes-Benz’s fashion week website.

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