Saint Laurent Handbags Are Chanel Handbags

Saint Laurent handbags are Chanel handbags. The brand and former creative director Hedi Slimane has used the same business model to make and sell new handbags that Chanel has. Pretty much every crossbody or shoulder bag the brand makes is the same as or comparable to a Chanel bag as well.

Chanel has a business model where all of its bags are basically the same. It has its classic bags like the Flap Bag, 2.55, Boy Bag, and Wallet on Chain and it has new bags that it releases every season. The Flap Bag and 2.55 are basically the same and the Boy Bag And Wallet on Chain are pretty much the same as well. The brand just uses a different design for the leather, flap, chain, or logo.

The brand’s new bags are also pretty much the same as the classic bags but with a different designs for the bags as well.

Saint Laurent has done this as well. Online fashion publication PurseBlog published an article in which it explains that the brand’s crossbody and shoulder bags are pretty much the same. The Chain Wallet and Envelope Bag are basically the same. The brand uses different designs for the bags and its new bags are pretty much the same as well. The brand’s bags are also like Chanel’s with the way they look.


Pretty much every brand has a Wallet on Chain but Saint Laurent’s look the most similar to Chanel’s. The Saint Laurent Chain Wallet is basically a Chanel Wallet on Chain. The brand even used a pebbled leather that looks like Chanel’s Caviar leather and quilted leather.

Saint Laurent’s other bags even look like Chanel bags with the Loulou Bag being very similar to the Chanel Flap Bag and the Loulou Shopping Bag being very similar to a Chanel tote bag.

As I said, pretty much every brand has a Wallet on Chain. The silhouette is classic and very popular. Chanel’s quilted is also classic and very popular. The silhouettes of Chanel bags have been used by many brands and Saint Laurent is using them as well. The brand, however, is doing something different with them and they are not just a blatant copy of them. They are just very similar to Chanel handbags.

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