Puerto Peñasco is One of the Best Places to Go on Vacation this Summer

Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, is pretty popular. The city gets lots of tourism and its hotel business is pretty successful. Although, not many people seem to know about it. There are many things to do and I’ve listed some of the best things you can do while one vacation this summer.

Stay at a Beach Hotel

There are many hotels and resorts on the beach. The entire beachfront has hotels on it where some have restaurants on the beach in the back. These hotels are more expensive, though. They start at around $100 a night and can cost more than $400 a night. There are some more affordable hotels that are just close to the beach and other even more affordable hotels close to the beach and restaurants, though. You should also get your hotel months before you go because the hotels there are usually all reserved, especially on holidays.


Go to the Beach

You should, of course, go to the beach when you’re there. The water is blue and cool. Most beaches on the west coast are very cold but the beach here is cool. There are also quite a lot of food and drink vendors in the beach. So, you can get some good food and drinks on the beach without having to go to a restaurant. There are also quite a few things to do there as well. Aside from just swimming there are banana rides. Those cost about $5 or $180 pesos for two.

Go to El Malecón

El Malecón, or the pier, is where all the best restaurants and bars, gift shops, and tourist attractions are. The restaurants are, of course, mostly sea food restaurants but there are quite a lot of other restaurants there as well. The food isn’t that expensive either. It costs about 400 pesos, or about $20, for two. There are also boat tours. Some will take you on a tour around the beach and others will take you to bird island where all the birds and seals are. There also quite a few kayak rentals as well.

There are quite a few other things to do in Puerto Peñasco but those are the best. The beach hotels are great, there are a lot of things to do on the beach, and there are a lot of restaurants and bars, gift shops, and tourist attractions at El Malecón.

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