Paris Hilton Owns a $65,000 Pink Hermès Birkin with Swarovski Crystals

Paris Hilton owns a $65,000 Rose Tyrien Hermès Birkin with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

The bag is, of course, custom and was made for Paris Hilton by Privé Porter. It has over about 30,000 Swarovski crystals which were placed by hand in over 60 hours. It takes around 45 hours for the bag itself to be made. It also comes in the rare Rose Tyrien color, which of course Paris Hilton would have.

PurseBlog took a look at the bag before Paris Hilton got it herself. The publication works with Privé Porter to publish the most interesting and rare Birkins.

Privé Porter also had this bag for a year before it was given to Hilton.


The publication spoke with Privé Porter founder Michelle Berk who said,

This is an idea that I have had a very long time, high quality personalization. Everyone is painting bags. It ironically came together at the time we heard from Paris. I followed a particular craftsman for some time, I liked the quality and integrity of her work. I like that it’s a female craftsman, too. These things are a total bust if the quality is gimmicky. For the crystals, it took her 60 hours to put 30,000 crystals on it. Think about that: it takes an Hermes craftsman around 45 to make the bag itself.

PurseBlog uploaded a video (below) to its YouTube channel of the Birkin. The publication also has photos of the bag as well as exclusive photos taken by Hilton herself and a photo of her with the bag.

PurseBlog also inteviewed Hilton and asked her how she found the bag to which she said,

I was looking through Instagram one day and saw the Privé Porter page. I instantly fell in love with all of the beautiful rare Hermes Birkin bags that they carry. Since the bling ring broke into my house and stole my Birkin collection, I had been searching for this rare Rose Tyrien colored Birkin and finally found it there. I love it so much! It’s like carrying around a piece of art.

The publication also asked her about the quality of the bags which she said,

I am so happy with my new Birkin, it is perfect. If I were a bag, I would be this Birkin. I really wanted it to be special, so they covered it in over 30,000 Swarovski crystals. The quality is amazing. Every time I wear the bag, I get so many compliments and people stopping me on the street asking me where I got it. I am in Love!

Hilton also spoke about other bags which she says she loves to collect Chanel bags.

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