No Coach Apple Watch Bands at WWDC

About a week ago, I was told by a sales associate that the Coach Apple Watch bands would launch June 12th. Tech news websites like 9to5Mac and more thought that the bands could possibly be announced at Apple’s WWDC since I first reported them in April but the June 12th launch date only made more people think it could be announced then as WWDC was being held the next day. The bands weren’t announced at WWDC and they may not even be announced this month, or they might be. Let me explain.

When I first reported that Coach was making bands for the Apple Watch in April, the sales associates who showed them to me said they could launch “as early as June”. That’s when people thought that they may be announced at Apple’s WWDC because that was also being held in June and the Apple Watch Hermès was announced at Apple’s last event in September. I called the same Coach boutique the next day and another sales associate said they’d launch June 1st.

A couple of days later, I went into a different Coach boutique and asked about the bands and a sales associate said they may not be released until this fall. He explained that the bands may be announced in June but that they may not be released until fall. That seemed possible as many brands release collections and announce products about 6 months or so before they are actually available in stores.

After I was told that they may not be released until fall, I called the sales associate that first showed me the bands and she explained that the date that was given to them was only an approximate date as to when they may be released and that it could be updated later.


About a month later, I found a product listing and a photo of one of the bands on and sent it to 9to5Mac through their tips service and they found more product listings. They also contacted Coach and a representative told them that the bands would be arriving in stores June 6th. I even got an email the same day from the sales associate that first showed me the bands that said they’d be available June 6th.

I called a Coach boutique on Madison Ave in New York on June 6th to see if the bands were available but a sales associate said they weren’t but that they should be available on June 12th, when they should be receiving a shipment of the bands. She also said the bands wouldn’t be available online and in limited quantities but that may be available online later.

A couple of days after that, I called Coach customer service and a representative gave me a list of stores where you can get a Coach Apple Watch band. I called and confirmed with all the boutiques, except two, that you’d be able to get a band at that location but as I called, different sales associates gave me different release dates.

One sales associate at the same store on Madison that gave me the June 12th launch date said they wouldn’t be getting the bands until July and that they would be available online. Another sales associate at a boutique at the Columbus Shops Circle in New York said the bands wouldn’t launch until fall.

On June 12th, I received another email from the sales that first showed me the bands saying that the bands were now available to order and that she could order one for me. I called all the boutiques on the list of stores that will be getting the bands to confirm but only some of them can order the bands.

While I was calling to confirm whether or not the Coach Apple Watch bands were available to order, sales associates at two stores said they’d be receiving the bands on June 17th.

As I said before, it seems as if Coach isn’t giving employees much information about the bands because different sales associate keep giving me different dates.

The bands weren’t announced at WWDC, so now the may be released on June 17th, in July, or in the fall. We won’t know until Coach makes an announcement.

What is confirmed is that there will be 3 models that come in 3 colors, making 9 bands in total, that retail for $150 each and that 10 out 12 of the boutiques on the list of where you can get a Coach Apple Watch band will be getting the bands.

There is the Leather Strap with Charms that will be available in Black, Chalk (white), and Saddle (brown), the Wild Beast Camo model that will come in Denim (blue), Saddle, and Military Green, and the Tea Rose Appliqué band that will come in Black, Tawny (orange), and Chalk.

What’s more, you can now order the Coach Apple Watch bands from some of the stores on the list including the boutiques on Post Street, at Standford Shopping Center, at North Park Center, and at King of Prussia Mall.

You can order the bands in store or over the phone and they will shipped to you or to the store in about a week or so.

As for when they are released, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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