Nicolas Ghesquière May Leave Louis Vuitton

Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, is reportedly considering replacing Nicolas Ghesquière with Jonathan Anderson as the creative director of Louis Vuitton.

According to an article on The Fashion Law, Arnault is considering replacing Ghesquière with Anderson at Louis Vuitton, say three sources with knowledge of the subject.

One of the sources says that “people in the studio are expecting him to leave, possibly as early as after the October collection.”

Ghesquière also said back in June that he would like to start his own label and that he would be able to do it soon, however, he did not provide any details.


Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton a couple of years ago to work on his own label and other creative directors of other brands have resigned recently to do work on their labels. So, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Ghesquière were to do that as well.

Ghesquière also worked at Balenciaga before becoming the creative director of Louis Vuitton a couple of years ago.

Anderson is said to be viewed as the best person to replace Ghesquière as Arnault and his daughter Delphine, Director and Executive Vice President of LVMH, are fans of him, according to one of the sources.

A second source says, “Arnault is very fond of Anderson, everybody knows he adores him. As of now, he is the best positioned to replace Ghesquiere.”

While most brands don’t comment on rumors, Louis Vuitton has released a statement saying Ghesquière won’t be leaving as he still has two years in his contract with the brand, according to an article on WWD.

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